Top Trending Logo Designs

So, what do all the top trending logo designs in Louisiana have in common? Let’s take a look!

They’re Simple
Popular logo designs in Louisiana are often very simple. Removing all the frills and fluff that isn’t necessary to the message and keeping only the most key details will ensure your logo is a hit.

They Include Name or Initials
You want viewers to understand what your business is immediately when they look at your logo. So, trending logo designs in Louisiana often include the business’s name or initials in the logo. This way, viewers of your logo can easily look up your website or social media by name.

They Show What They’re Selling
Logos often include some iteration of what they’re selling. For example, a florist’s logo would have flowers tied into the design somewhere. Successful logo designs in Louisiana are clear and creative in the way they choose to portray what they’re selling.

They’re Targeted
To create successful logo designs in Louisiana, it’s important to cater to your target audience. All trending logo designs have a specific type of person in mind that they’re trying to reach out to. So, if you’re trying to create a good logo design, focus on how you’d like your target audience to perceive it.

They use Brand Colors
Using brand colors is a sure-fire way to get a trending logo design in Louisiana. It’s crucial to have consistency among marketing materials when creating a brand, and a logo should be included in that. Popular logos use the brand colors of the company they’re for.

They Have Some Illustration
While logo designs in Louisiana are simple, they almost always have some element of illustration in them, beyond just words. Some sort of symbol that reflects who the company is and what they’re selling.




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