Tips to Remember When Searching For a Web Designer

You could be starting a new business and in need of a website, or you could be looking to freshen up the website you already have. Either way, finding the right person to do web design in Lafayette, LA can seem daunting.
There are numerous businesses technically selling the same thing, and you need to know how you can find the web designer who is right for you.
Here, we will talk about three different tips you can use to narrow down your search and find the perfect web designer in Lafayette, LA.

Design and Copy Need to Work Together

Although you are looking for someone to design and implement the layout of your website, it’s important to find a talented and experienced web designer in Lafayette, LA. One who not only has expertise as a web designer but also understands the importance of the design and content working together. 
Consider looking for an advertising agency that also has content writers on staff. With this added benefit, you know the tone of the content on your website will line up perfectly with the look. Cohesive is key.

View Web Designer's Live Websites

Another tip when searching for a web designer in Lafayette, LA is to look over their previous work. Skim through the websites of their previous clients. This gives you an opportunity to review their work and see if it aligns with your vision.
In addition to seeing their skills, this is also a great opportunity for you to take note of things you like and dislike for your own website. That way, you’ll already have a slight head start in what you are wanting your website to look like.

Demand Responsive Web Design

Lastly, and quite possibly the most important these days is making sure the advertising company you choose has responsive web design as a standard in their service. 
Years ago, before smartphones and tablets, when you looked up a website, you were looking it up on a computer monitor. So, for years this was the framework web designers used when building a website.
Now, however, we have smartphones and tablets of all different sizes being used as handheld computers all throughout the day. A responsive web design is one that takes into account the device someone is using and adjusts to that viewing screen. 
No more scrolling right to left in order to read something on a website. With responsive web design, it will restructure its viewing, making your website appear perfectly fitted to the screen, no matter what device someone is using.





A professionally built web site is no longer a luxury for serious business people, but a necessity. Quality Web Design puts your business’ best foot forward and shows potential customers that you care about the quality and professionalism of your visual identity. All Red Room custom web sites are built tailor fit for you. There are no cookie cutter templates around here.


Logo Design is one of Red Room’s top skills. A great logo design can mean the difference between someone taking your business seriously, or laughing you out the door. Every great business deserves a great logo that portrays to a customer the look and feel of what you’re about. Let Red Room develop a seriously sweet logo and branding package for you.


Graphic Design including printed goods, promotional items and much more are another major service we offer. All printed goods are designed, proofed, and sent off to the printers in house. General graphic design plus business cards, brochures, stickers, folders, letterhead and much more can all be done under the same roof as your web design, logo design, and online services.


Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a big business for those who want to use the world’s largest information base – the internet – to their advantage. Having your site rank on top of online search results is worth a lot of new business. Gain more potential customers, more leads, and be more visible online through our SEO services. Make your web site work for you!


At Red Room, we pride ourselves on outstanding image quality. Our web design and branding customers have the option to utilize our in-house photography service to enhance their design projects at a fraction of the cost of hiring a freelance photographer. Rest assured our photography services are absolutely top-notch with the highest end equipment available.


Private Cloud…sounds complicated, but it isn’t. Don’t you ever wish your small business or sales team could have its own online system that allowed you to collaborate effectively across all devices, anywhere in the world? What about simple sharing of large files with customers on a secure and privately hosted cloud environment branded to match you? We’ve got just the thing.