If you’re anywhere near serious about your business, having a logo is non-negotiable. You could have the most creative, memorable business name in the world, but without a graphical representation of your business, you’ll only be treading water. It’s a simple fact that a great logo will be more memorable to a customer than a simple business name, so logo design is one area of building a business that should not be neglected. However, there are some common pitfalls that can reduce your logo to a jumbled mess.

When you’re purchasing logo design services, it can be tempting to ask your designer create a logo that is complex, with multiple elements that represent different aspects of your business or different values that you want to emphasize. However, the most effective logos are those which are clean, clear, and simple. Customers should be able to instantly read and understand the text in the logo, and any graphics or shapes should lend the customer an understanding of your field at first glance without interfering with the overall understanding of your business.

Clear and simple logos are also advantageous for another reason—they are easier to reproduce on advertising like billboards, newspaper ads, t-shirts and other specialty products. An unnecessarily busy logo will be more complex and difficult to embroider on a shirt, for example. You have only a split-second to make an impression on a customer with your logo. You want to communicate your business name and “feel” as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Although the choice is ultimately up to you when deciding on the style of logo you prefer for your business, it can definitely be helpful to follow a few basic principles of design. When investing in logo design in Lafayette, LA, make sure your logo is clear, simple and easy for customers to understand. You'll get the most bang for your buck.




A professionally built web site is no longer a luxury for serious business people, but a necessity. Quality Web Design puts your business’ best foot forward and shows potential customers that you care about the quality and professionalism of your visual identity. All Red Room custom web sites are built tailor fit for you. There are no cookie cutter templates around here.


Logo Design is one of Red Room’s top skills. A great logo design can mean the difference between someone taking your business seriously, or laughing you out the door. Every great business deserves a great logo that portrays to a customer the look and feel of what you’re about. Let Red Room develop a seriously sweet logo and branding package for you.


Graphic Design including printed goods, promotional items and much more are another major service we offer. All printed goods are designed, proofed, and sent off to the printers in house. General graphic design plus business cards, brochures, stickers, folders, letterhead and much more can all be done under the same roof as your web design, logo design, and online services.


Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a big business for those who want to use the world’s largest information base – the internet – to their advantage. Having your site rank on top of online search results is worth a lot of new business. Gain more potential customers, more leads, and be more visible online through our SEO services. Make your web site work for you!


At Red Room, we pride ourselves on outstanding image quality. Our web design and branding customers have the option to utilize our in-house photography service to enhance their design projects at a fraction of the cost of hiring a freelance photographer. Rest assured our photography services are absolutely top-notch with the highest end equipment available.


Private Cloud…sounds complicated, but it isn’t. Don’t you ever wish your small business or sales team could have its own online system that allowed you to collaborate effectively across all devices, anywhere in the world? What about simple sharing of large files with customers on a secure and privately hosted cloud environment branded to match you? We’ve got just the thing.