3 Vital Web Design Tips You Need Now

When it comes to marketing your business, things are always changing. Whether it’s the technology you use or visual representations, if you want your business to succeed and grow, you have to keep up with the times. You have to keep molding your business and brand into what people will and want to buy.

Specifically, in web design in Lafayette, La, it’s all about the visuals and how what people see and read on your website makes them want to buy your product or use your services. What is the layout norm? What colors invoke the feelings I want people to have about my business? How can my website stand out?

Here we will give you three different vital tips to get you started on the right path to a successful website. 

Keyword-friendly Headlines at the Top of the Fold

This tip comes in handy not just for the web design, but also when it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization). You want to be aware of what words or phrases people are using in their search bar.

By choosing several of these keywords to work into your website, you are effectively increasing the chances of your website being more visible. You are increasing your chances of getting your website on page one of a Google search.

These keywords should be incorporated into the headlines on your page, and those headlines should be toward the top of your webpage. When we say “top of the fold” think of a newspaper when folded in half and in the machines. The top of the fold is what grabs attention and gets you to buy.

Standard isn’t Boring in Web Design, Standard is Familiar

It’s not unheard of when someone is told they need to stand out to be noticed, that’s when the brightly colored hair and unique, eclectic clothing usually makes an appearance.

With web design in Lafayette, La, however, being the biggest and brightest may get you noticed, but not in the way you would hope. Think busy is bad and simple is super.

Keep your webpage clean and concise. You may think it needs a little more razzmatazz to get noticed, but the truth is, we look at some form of a computer screen either all day or frequently throughout the day. We are bombarded with colors, videos, lights constantly.

You want your website to be the calm in the storm of the Internet. You can provide all the necessary information and still be creative without sending flashing lights across the screen to get people interested in your business.

Use Faces and Arrows as Visual Cues

It should go without saying, the most important thing you want people to see and click on should be at the top of your webpage. But everything can’t be at the top.

One way to bring attention to important things further down on your page is with visual cues. This could be using faces or arrows.

Do you have an infographic you want to be seen? Place a photo of a person looking in the direction of the infographic, or place an arrow pointing directly to it. 

If you have ever taken a photography class, the golden rule revolves around lines and using them to draw a viewer to what you want them to see over everything else in the image.

By using visual cues, you are essentially doing exactly that.





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