Designing a website for a restaurant requires a unique approach. A restaurant’s website needs to communicate certain information very quickly and effectively, while also being aesthetically pleasing and being a good reflection of the “vibe” of the restaurant. To that end, there are a few quick and simple guidelines that should be taken into account if you’re considering hiring a graphic designer in Lafayette LA to build a website for your restaurant.

First, the address, phone numbers, and hours of operation should be front-and-center when a potential customer visits a restaurant website. As opposed to say, an online shopping site, users are expecting certain information when visiting a restaurant’s website—they are much more likely to be searching for information to quickly help them visit the location, so including this information right at the front page of the website will satisfy their needs quickly. Making this information stand out can also give users a good impression of the site and the business itself, so they are more likely to have a positive experience at the restaurant in general.

Second, the menu should be present on the site, and in a searchable PDF format. Many restaurant websites overlook this step because it takes a bit of technical know-how, but any professional graphic designer in Lafayette LA should be able to accomplish this step. It’s not enough to simply upload a low-quality photo of the restaurant’s menu—including a well-designed, attractive, PDF version of the menu will allow users to quickly search the menu for foods they’re interested in, and again, leave a positive impression regarding the restaurant’s professionalism.

Third, the site should be optimized for SEO (search engine optimization). One of the most important benefits of having a website for a local restaurant is having your business pop up when users search for food in the area, leading to potential sales. A restaurant website needs to be optimized with correct keywords and website structure so that search engines can easily index the pages. Don’t worry about the technical details here—a capable web designer in Lafayette LA should be able to help with SEO services to ensure your restaurant can be found by hungry customers.

Restaurant websites make up their own little corner of the internet, with certain aspects that need to be tweaked and optimized for the type of business they attract. With a professional web designer in Lafayette LA working on the project, you’ll be able to use the invaluable resource that is the internet to attract and grow a customer base.