Depending on where you live, you may still regularly receive a quaint relic from a time gone by: a physical phone book. Some areas still regularly publish phone books, though their size has been reduced quite a bit from the old days. And believe it or not, companies still take out ads in the phone book. An old-school small business owner might even consider advertising in the phone book today, but things have certainly changed over the past couple of decades when it comes to advertising a business.

Just like a phonebook, search engines can help local businesses in getting discovered by potential customers. And just like there were tricks to getting discovered in a phonebook—there was always the unspoken competition to be placed first in the listing by including one or more “As” in the business name—there are tricks to being discovered by search engine users.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a complex and technical topic, and it’s not necessary for every business owner to know all the ins and outs. However, if you’re in the market for web design Lafayette LA, you should work with a web designer who understands the value of SEO and how to correctly implement it to get your website in front of as many customers as possible. Concepts like backlinking, keyword research, and creating a proper site structure that can be indexed by search engines should all be familiar to a web designer helping you undertake a small business project.

While you’re searching for web design Lafayette LA, you’ll likely also need some branding help; a skilled graphic artist who can help with logo design work is another piece of the puzzle in setting up a small business for success. Consider working with a designer that understands your business’s needs from top to bottom and can offer a holistic approach to your entire strategy. Keeping your design work under one roof will likely make for a more cohesive, attention-grabbing product across web design, logo design, and other marketing avenues.

In 2018, it’s now more appropriate than ever to ditch the phone book when advertising a small business. Competitors in every field and industry are already reaping the benefits of SEO; it’s time to look to the future and be sure your small business isn’t left in the dust.