Statistics show that back in 2016, mobile internet usage surpassed desktop usage for the first time. It was a huge change in the way the average user accesses information and media on the internet; far from the early days of internet access on mobile phones where text-based browsers and exorbitant data charges reigned supreme, mobile phones had seen huge strides in usability, power, and speed that allowed users to have an experience much closer to browsing on a desktop. The web design and development industry took notice, and there has been a noticeable push towards mobile-friendly sites since then. Responsive web design has become an important aspect of the skills portfolio of any company that does web design Lafayette LA.

Responsive design” is an approach to web design that takes these statistics into account. Since more and more users are accessing websites from their mobile phones, and this trend will only accelerate, it’s important to ensure that any website can be viewed with just as much functionality on a phone as well as a desktop or laptop computer. A skilled web design Lafayette LA company should be very familiar with responsive design, as a clunky or difficult to use business website can be an instant turn-off to potential customers. There are already enough obstacles in getting users to view your website and purchase your products or services; there’s no need to add another obstacle with an outdated website.

If you’re looking to invest in a website to represent your business, be sure you’re working with a web design Lafayette LA company who can keep up with the times and design a modern, responsive website that will serve your customers well for years to come. Skimping on designer quality will ultimately affect your bottom line negatively as competitors with more modern sites leave yours in the dust.