Red Room’s Guide to Simple and Easy Ways to Increase Your Website Views

Red Room’s Guide to Simple and Easy Ways to Increase Your Website Views

At Red Room we spend an awful lot of time figuring out the best ways to increase views to our website as well as our client’s websites.  A web site is no good if there is no traffic.  So here’s some easy ways to increase website views.

  1. Link your website with a Facebook fan page for your business.

It’s as easy as adding a little “Facebook” button link on your website! Click on it and you are automatically redirected to your business’s fan page.  Facebook has surpassed both Yahoo and Google as the most visited web site on the internet.   With that said, a fan page for your business is a great way to drive traffic to your site!   Encourage friends, family, clients, etc. to “like” your page…the more “likes” the more exposure.  Posting daily status updates about what is going on with your business keeps fans engaged.  Here at Red Room, we use the Facebook page all the time to drive traffic to the website (  When we post a new blog, a link to the blog post is immediately posted to Facebook.  We also upload photos, new websites, and information on local events in which Red Room participates.  Having just created the Red Room Facebook page maybe three months ago (it’s about time, right?) we’ve seen the views to double. Who can argue with that?


  1. Create videos on YouTube. Embed them in your website. Post them to Facebook.

People like videos, whether they are funny or informative.  Own a restaurant?  Make a video on how to batter fried seafood.   Have a bed and breakfast?  Create a real time tour of your establishment.  Run a pool company?  Shoot a video on the proper way to clean a fiberglass pool.  Anyway, you get my point.  Embedding these videos on your site will increase your views, and having them on YouTube and Facebook is just another link to your business site.


  1. Be an active blogger.

Blog, blog, blog, blog, and blog.  About whatever, whenever.  Keep people updated in interesting things, articles you find, inspiration, humorous photos….whatever.  Blog posts show up in searches so if I go to Google and search for “whatever”, low and behold the first two links are blog posts.  Using keywords that are relevant for your business increases the chances of your blog being read by a potential client (for Red Room some keywords would be web design, social media, logos, graphic design, Lafayette, etc…)


So, if you own a business, or even if you just have a personal website, try doing one or all of three of these things.  Let us know how it works out for you.  And if you happen to need any help implementing any of these ideas, give us a call!

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