Facebook vs. Blogging

While browsing through Red Room’s latest copy of Inc. magazine, and article titled “Where have all the bloggers gone?” caught my attention.  Intrigued, I read on.   It basically states that the amount of companies that are blogging has declined since the rise of Facebook and Twitter. Understandable.  It’s so easy to post relevant information on Facebook and Twitter, but you are limited to only 140 characters.  According to Nora Ganin Barnes, director of the Center for Marketing Research, “blogging has gotten a bad rap for being too time-consuming, but it is an invaluable tool.  It’s the only place where you can really be a thought leader in your field.  You can’t do that in 140 characters.”  You are so right Nora.

(If you are interested in the entire article, it is in the April 2012 issue of Inc. magazine, page 28)

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