Blogging for Business – SEO for WordPress

Search Engine Optimization – (SEO) the process of adjusting the content, structure, etc, of a website so that it will be displayed prominently by a search engine.  (Thanks

Since we started the Red Room WordPress blog last January we’ve had a noticeable spike in traffic to the website.  Half of the hits to the website are from the blog.  As a result, Red Room is now on the first page of Google results when searching for web designers in Lafayette, LA.  SEO for WordPress is simple if you follow the five steps below.


Focus on one keyword or phrase – 

Strategically place a keyword or phrase relevant to your business and/or blog post in the title and throughout the content of the post.  This is the basis of good SEO for Worpress.


Include keywords and search terms in the title (preferably as a searchable phrase).

Assuming your web developer has set up your WordPress blog correctly, the post should be easily found when people search for words relating to your post.  Here’s an example:  Below is the URL for one of Red Room’s previous blog posts.  In red is the actual title.  If your WordPress blog is not set up correctly, it won’t display the title making it harder for search engines to find.

Titles should be short, searchable, common language phrases that include keywords.

Logo Design Good Red Room Web Design Rules = bad!

Red Rooms Rules on Good Logo Design = better!


 Use categories as keywords.

Like I said up there, whatever is in your URL is searchable.  Create concise, relevant categories and then choose which category to post your article under.














Write quality content.

Blog to people, not search engines.  Keywords need to be strategically placed throughout well-written content.  Blog about issues that are relevant to your business, things that clients will find valuable.


Tag your blog posts.

Think of words that you would use when searching for your article and type all of those as tags.  Be sure to include your keywords/phrases.  This is an example from the Red Room’s Rules on Good Logo Design article.











SEO for WordPress is fairly easy to accomplish when following the steps mentioned above.  The hardest part is thinking of good topics to write about!  So get to work and you’ll notice a significant spike in your website traffic!