Red Room’s Rules on Good Logo Design

Logos are everywhere…literally.  We see good ones, bad ones, and everything in between.  I mean, just looking around right now I see about ten of them.  Logos are the backbone of any company’s identity.  They help people remember who you are and what you do.  A good logo is simple, versatile, memorable, and relevant.


–        Simple

Most designers agree that effective logos use simple fonts and have no more than two colors (not including black/white).    A logo is not supposed to be an illustration: it’s supposed to be an icon,  a visual association tool.

–        Versatile

Logos have to work on everything from business cards and billboards to websites and storefront signs.  A logo needs to be designed in a way that it can be used in different forms and orientations.

–        Memorable

A logo needs to be unique and make a lasting impression.

–        Relevant

I can’t tell you how many times we see logos with graphics that have nothing to do with the actual business.  Case in point: fleur-des-lis and crawfish are everywhere in the Lafayette area…some of them relevant…most of them NOT.  It’s great if you want to support your heritage, just have the crawfish incorporate into your logo.  Red Room designed a logo a few years back for a local electrician.  He wanted a crawfish so the logo was designed in a way that made it relevant to his business.


So if you’re starting a new business of revamping an existing one, remember…an awesome logo leads to an awesome branding campaign!