Finding a graphic designer in Lafayette LA can be tougher than it seems at first. If you’re not familiar with the graphic design industry, you might be surprised at the wide range of options available—there are large design and marketing firms, smaller boutique firms that specialize in a certain industry, individual designers running their own businesses, and even college or high school students looking for work. Choosing the correct option for your budget and project is essential, but one aspect that should always be part of your decision is the quality of the designer. Thankfully, there a few criteria you can use to judge whether a designer will provide quality work or not.

1 — Quality Designers Have a Portfolio

If a graphic designer in Lafayette LA has a portfolio and is more than willing to show you previous work, that’s a great sign. Good designers not only provide quality work, they also have a “highlight reel” of their best work that can demonstrate the quality you can expect when you work with them. Plus, having a portfolio is an indication that a designer is serious about his or her trade—a lack of a portfolio is a sign of inexperience and a lack of successful jobs.

2 — Quality Designers Understand Your Products, Services, and Industry

Graphic design in Lafayette LA is a competitive field. In a city with a vibrant art scene, designers have to stand out, and have to go the extra mile to provide high quality work. A designer who provides a good return on your investment will take the time to understand your particular needs, creating work that is appropriate for your industry and will appeal to your customers.

3 — Quality Designers Have Local References

A high quality graphic designer in Lafayette LA should have experience working with the local crowd. This experience with local businesses will naturally generate positive recommendations from local businesses who have received good work from the designer, and will be able to vouch for the quality of the work.

There are many options when choosing a graphic designer in Lafayette LA, but no matter what type of business, firm, or individual designer you choose to go with, that designer should provide high-quality work in order to give you a good return on investment.