Being web people, we are always telling our clients about easy ways to increase traffic to their website.  Flickr is a great way to do this and with all the cool new changes, we just want to use it more!

The changes weren’t obvious when I first logged into my account, but when I went to upload my photos I thought, “well this is different…but cool.”  Drag and drop is the greatest thing ever invented.  Well, maybe not greatest, but it’s pretty cool.  With the dark gray background and new layout, the uploads are easier to see and the whole thing feels more organized and easier to use. I like that you can see the photo you are uploading right away, not just the name of the file. Flickr also changed the lingo from ordinary things like “cancel” to  “Farewell, cruel world.” I found myself playing around with it just to see the funny/random stuff that would show up.  At one point a panda appeared on the screen.  Along with the cosmetic changes, the data limit was increased from 20MB to 30MB per photo for free users.  Awesome.