The world is a big place and, as a small business, trying to stay relevant can be a little discouraging.  In the 2+ years Red Room has been in business, I’ve stumbled upon some web sources that contain great articles and advice on being an entrepreneur.


Without a doubt, this is my go-to website for encouraging information on productivity, creativity, client relationships, and just about anything else you can think of relating to running a small creative business.  The articles are short, sweet, and to the point.  They also feature seminar videos of other business owners.  What I like most about this site is that the articles all have a “you can do it” attitude that makes you feel that anything is possible.



This site is great source for social media and online marketing.  Jeff Bullas creates step-by-step guidelines on how to stay relevant on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Linkin, and blogging in general.  The step-by-step process is what I like most about this site.  It’s so easy to tweak your Facebook page if you have a clear 10 step process!



A sense of humor is an important quality in any small business owner.  If you can’t laugh about it, well it just makes things that much harder.  Matthew Inma is a web-designer-turned-comic-artist that runs The Oatmeal.  He features many comics about being a web designer (if you know what he’s talking about its hilarious) and about life in general.  His comics make me laugh and laughing is good. 


I visit all of these sites at least once a week for advice and encouragement.  Take some time out of your busy schedule to read a few articles.  It may be the inspiration you’ve been waiting for.

Be productive.  Market yourself.  Laugh a lot.