Between the two of us we read a lot…books, magazines, blogs and random information on the internet.  So this is what we’ve been reading…

For Better or For Work by Meg Cadoux Hirshberg

I’ve only gotten halfway through this book…You can’t think about business all the time, right? Anyway, it chronicles the trials and tribulations of of being an entrepreneur with a family.

Setting Boundaries & Saying No…Nicely by Elizabeth Grace Saunders

Everyone should read this article!  Elizabeth outlines polite ways to say “no” in different situations, business and personal.

Top 5 Mobile Apps for Online Marketers by Jeff Bullas

SEO is a big part of what we do here at Red Room.  Also, we both just got iphones so I’m anxious to try some of these out.  I’ll let you know which one I like best in another blog post perhaps.

Your Best Brand Asset is Understanding Yourself by Phil Cooke

Every business that is trying to create a good branding identity should read this article.  What makes YOU different?

The Excorist by William Peter Blatty

The 40th anniversary edition cover is awesome…dark crimson, black, lime green, satin finish.  If you’re in the bookstore at all this week, look for it.