13 Inexpensive ways to get more business

Here at Red Room we are always looking for different ways to advertise.  We’re not really into traditional advertising (like radio and TV) because, let’s face it, they are expensive and don’t always work.  The main goal of advertising is to get the word out right?  So why not spread the word in different ways that create intrigue and make a lasting impression.

  1. Make a bright and colorful t-shirt with your company’s logo and wear it to events.
  2. Embroider/print your company information on dress shirts to wear to meetings.
  3. Put your company’s information on your car.
  4. Join your local chamber of commerce.
  5. Leave your business cards on the table when you eat at a restaurant.
  6. Talk, talk, talk, talk.  Meet someone new?  Tell them what you do while giving them a business card.
  7. Sponsor local events.
  8. Donate door prizes to organizations/charities.
  9. Keep your clients happy.  If they are happy, they’ll tell other people how awesome you are.
  10. Update your Facebook daily.
  11. Make a big stencil of your logo or website address.  Get some chalk.  Stencil your logo/website on high traffic sidewalks.
  12. Volunteer for local community events.
  13. Always give potential new clients 2+ business cards so that they can give the extras to another potential client.
Example of an attention grabbing shirt…no one would miss this!  Cool, right?!